Why we do it

Focus on redevelopment

Changing society with new needs

We believe that there will always be a need for people to meet. We think that functional, comfortable and safe environments are the primary conditions for the development of communities, the vital catalysts for a society to prosper. We want to meet the needs of a changing society in a surprising way.

There’s an incredible misfit between supply and demand is not just quantitative but also qualitative. Demand for offices, for instance, suffers from an overall decrease in the usage of office space per employee from 25 sqm to 18 sqm in the past decade. Moreover, the office function has changed gradually from a working environment to an environment in which people share information and collaborate.

Similar changes can be observed in retail (due to the increase in online shopping), distribution (due to just in time principals), production (due to extended range value chains) and housing.

Addressing the needs

TCN introduced various new commercial real estate products, that have been successful in attracting new demand. These products combine well located buildings, close to major economic corridors, with supporting services at a very affordable price. Most of these products were developed in existing buildings and urban areas.

Products that fit the need of this changing demand are still doing well in the current market. Products that fit the new demand notably have a higher growth potential and higher occupancy levels. And last but not least, they make the people that occupy the buildings and areas happier.

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