Arnhems Buiten

Energy business park

For years now Arnhems Buiten has been housing a number of important and most innovative companies in the field of energy and environmental technology.

Companies such as KEMA, TenneT, DEKRA, and NRG are big players in the energy sector and for a long time they have been determining the face of the business park. In 2011 Arnhems Buiten was repositioned to ‘energy business park’. In the upcoming years Arnhems Buiten will further strengthen its position as the center of energy: by attracting new parties from the energy sector and facilitating and stimulating the exchange of knowledge to promote innovation in the sector.


Arnhems Buiten is a former estate, beautifully situated on the border of a hilly ridge and a river, on which an office park unique to the Netherlands has been built with respect for nature and history. The park is exceptionally beautiful and full of monuments, art, rare trees, and lawns and offers a fantastic (work) environment for tenants and visitors.

Since 2005 TCN has been the proud owner of Arnhems Buiten. While developing and (re)developing we want to preserve the historical and often much talked about architecture as much as possible. The original landscape plan has also been preserved. Only 10 percent of the more than 50 hectares at the park is built on and we want to preserve this low building density.

The park consists of four areas: Den Brink, Mariëndaal, De Hes and Rosande. The ‘Den Brink area’ includes several magnificent monumental buildings.


TCN is (re)developing Arnhems Buiten. Preservation and reinforcement of the unique green character and re-use of the existing buildings are thereby central.
Development of new buildings is possible but only occurs after careful considerations. Currently the new main office of TenneT, the Mariendaal Center of Excellence, is being realized.

Besides office space TCN offers space for other uses as well which increases work satisfaction at Arnhems Buiten even more. Facilities include several restaurants, meeting centers and a childcare center.


Current tenants include many energy-related organizations such as KEMA, TenneT and Dekra, but also organizations from other sectors such as architects, IT companies and service providers are located in the business park.

Park management

Arnhems Buiten has its own park management organization. It takes care of the maintenance of the many monumental buildings in the park as well as the maintenance of the grounds themselves and the shared facilities in the park, such as the roads, land inventory, and security.
And of course the maintenance of the buildings and equipment in these buildings.

Arnhems Buiten
Main function
Business Park
Utrechtseweg 310
6812 AR Arnhem
The Netherlands
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+31 (0)26 352 30 00
+31 (0)26 352 30 01

Facts & figures

Purchase date
May 2005

Investment date
2005 – 2015

DTZ Zadelhoff
Strijbosch & Thunnissen

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